In purple no less! Seriously who doesn’t love purple shorts. They’re amazing! And comfortable to boot!


Blue pinstripes and a nice tie with a crisp shirt makes me very happy!


I gotta say it. Come on man. It might be to embrace a short cut.


I love a white shirt. Sure, I’ve been wearing it since 8 am but it still looks good. You know why… Freshly ironed this morning, good fitting shirt, quality fabric! That’s all you need.


I’m a sucker for deep bold colors. This tie is one of my favorites. It’s a deep rich purple base with a nice blue stripe in it. It’s on the skinny side but still a grown up tie.


I’ve had this one for a few years but I love it. I actually was wearing this tie in one of the first pictures I took with my wife Fiona just after we met. It still brings back good memories and I just love the four color stripe in it.


Ever have a tie that just won’t stay where it’s supposed to! This is the perfect answer!

Just put a button through one of the slits in the plastic and then feed the strip though the loop in your tie and attach the other button. And viola…. Your tie will stay put and help you look your best!


The Foundation – Ties


If shoes are the foundation, then neckwear is the whip cream. Ties are here to give every outfit just a touch of flair. Now notice I didn’t say that ties are to be load, funny, ironic, comical, etc. I said ties add a touch, that’s word is key… a touch, of flair. Ties come in an incredibly large assortment of styles and fabrics and you can surely find one that suits your style and more importantly, matches your outfit.

Now the tie that I’m wearing above is a 100% Italian Silk tie, hand stitched. Now that may not be your style, but it’s mine… It’s how I roll. I’m currently wearing ties that are lightly padded/thick ties that are standard width. I myself do not normally look outstanding with a skinny tie… If it fits your body type and your style, by all means rock it! They just don’t work with my body type and definitely not with my style.

One of the key’s to a tie’s impact is the knot that you tied. The knot you see above is a single windsor. I’m able to achieve such a large knot with single windsor is partially due to the fabric type of the tie and partly due to my mastery of knot tying. I’ll be covering multiple tie knots and how to tie them in a latter post.


The Foundation – Shoes


I have an addiction to shoes. I’m not ashamed of it… I love shoes. It doesn’t matter so much what type, as long as they’re nice, I like them. I like dress shoes, driving shoes, running shoes, flip flops, cleats…. many different types for many different uses. But you must make sure you pair the proper shoes for the proper occasion, because shoes really are the foundation!

I’m usually partial to dress shoes. I don’t know why but I’ve always worn dress shoes like most people wear running shoes. I’m currently a big fan of cap toe, leather dress shoes like the ones in the picture above. These are Italian leather, with leather soles and wooden heels. Freshly polished, these shoes look great with a suit and equally as good with jeans.

When wearing a suit, the right shoes make all the difference. What you wear on your feet speaks volumes about you, pair runners with a suit and well… we know what that says, but pair that nice suit with an exceptional pair of classic dress shoes (like the cap-toes above!) and you instantly have a level of klout no website can appoint! Just remember, If you’re new to true dress shoes, and by true I mean real leather, keep in mind that they must be cared more so then those hush puppies you got from JC Penny. You need to follow a good shoe care regiment to ensure they look great and last a long time. Keep them polished and waxed with the proper polish for the leather and then buff them to a nice shine. They’ll take care of your feet if you take care of them.

One last note about shoes, my grandfather always told me: “When you meet a man, look at his shoes… They’ll tell you more about him then anything that comes out of his mouth!” So if you meet me and see me glance down at your feet, you know why!


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