The Foundation – Shirts



The foundation of any man’s wardrobe is his shirt. It’s one of the building blocks of a successful image. When dressing for a successful business meeting, one’s shirt should always be crisp and white. I know not everyone will agree, and may want to diverge into another colour in the spectrum. But it must be noted that a crisp white dress shirt with a spread collar that actually fits you is key to dressing for success.

A white, English spread, dress shirt is a power shirt akin to a dark pin-stripe suit being considered a power suit. So wear it proud! Ohh and don’t forget. It must be ironed and starched. I personally prefer to iron at a high cotton heat with light starch. Non of this non-iron stuff, that’s not for suiting!

This is becoming one of my favorite brands, the SAKS Fifth Avenue house brand. Not only does it fit well, but it is quite affordable and cut just right for me. I purchase a 16 1/2, 36/37 slim fit and it wears like a glove. Take one for a test drive, you’ll like it!


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