In purple no less! Seriously who doesn’t love purple shorts. They’re amazing! And comfortable to boot!


Blue pinstripes and a nice tie with a crisp shirt makes me very happy!


I gotta say it. Come on man. It might be to embrace a short cut.


I love a white shirt. Sure, I’ve been wearing it since 8 am but it still looks good. You know why… Freshly ironed this morning, good fitting shirt, quality fabric! That’s all you need.


I’m a sucker for deep bold colors. This tie is one of my favorites. It’s a deep rich purple base with a nice blue stripe in it. It’s on the skinny side but still a grown up tie.


I’ve had this one for a few years but I love it. I actually was wearing this tie in one of the first pictures I took with my wife Fiona just after we met. It still brings back good memories and I just love the four color stripe in it.


Ever have a tie that just won’t stay where it’s supposed to! This is the perfect answer!

Just put a button through one of the slits in the plastic and then feed the strip though the loop in your tie and attach the other button. And viola…. Your tie will stay put and help you look your best!



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