The Foundation – Ties


If shoes are the foundation, then neckwear is the whip cream. Ties are here to give every outfit just a touch of flair. Now notice I didn’t say that ties are to be load, funny, ironic, comical, etc. I said ties add a touch, that’s word is key… a touch, of flair. Ties come in an incredibly large assortment of styles and fabrics and you can surely find one that suits your style and more importantly, matches your outfit.

Now the tie that I’m wearing above is a 100% Italian Silk tie, hand stitched. Now that may not be your style, but it’s mine… It’s how I roll. I’m currently wearing ties that are lightly padded/thick ties that are standard width. I myself do not normally look outstanding with a skinny tie… If it fits your body type and your style, by all means rock it! They just don’t work with my body type and definitely not with my style.

One of the key’s to a tie’s impact is the knot that you tied. The knot you see above is a single windsor. I’m able to achieve such a large knot with single windsor is partially due to the fabric type of the tie and partly due to my mastery of knot tying. I’ll be covering multiple tie knots and how to tie them in a latter post.


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